5 Methods for Natural Anti Aging

While we know that everyone ages, many people do not realize that natural anti aging methods really do work. Getting older does not have to mean getting fatter, sicker or weaker. Of course we all have to accept getting older at some, but you can choose to look and feel younger for longer and you can hold off disease using natural techniques. Check out these proven natural anti aging methods that many people use with results.Get enough sound sleep. Sleep is imperative for healthy immune function, healthy brain function and to look and feel your best. In fact, the American Journal of Epidemiology reports that women who sleep five or less hours each night are more likely to gain 30 and more pounds over the next two decades.Not only that, if you do not get enough sleep you are more likely to catch a cold or flu, memory and reaction time are both impaired and when low on sleep the body produce too much ghrelin, the appetite promoting hormone. Strive for eight hours each night as one of your anti aging methods.Drink water while avoiding sodas. Many people are dehydrated and don’t even know it. Thirst if often confused with hunger, causing many to eat instead of drinking fresh water. As your cells and tissues slowly become dehydrated over time, digestive juices become lessened which may result in slower enzyme activity. This may lead to fatigue, slow metabolism and premature aging. An average weight person should drink six to eight glasses of fresh water over the course of a day.Exercise is the ultimate natural anti aging activity. It is a fact that as we age our muscles atrophy, or get smaller. This can result in loose skin, flabbiness, and a host of illness as your body becomes weaker all around.Recent studies actually show that those who exercise on a regular basis have DNA that is younger than those who do not; an average of nine years younger. One study at the South Western Medical School in Dallas, TX had 20 something year old men rest in bed for three weeks. At the end, instead of being rested, they all displayed symptoms of premature aging such as higher blood pressure, higher resting heart beat, and decrease in muscle strength.Exercise tones your muscles so they stay where they should. It helps keep fat levels down and stimulates metabolism so your body burns more calories while at rest. It strengthens your bones better than any supplement will. Regular exercise increases oxygen intake and circulation resulting in higher energy levels and better sleep at night which benefits natural anti aging method number one; get enough sleep.Avoid junk food for reasons more than weight control. Epidemiologists in France and England found that high consumption of processed foods coincides with higher rates of depression. Another study published in the Lancet medical journal found those who ate fast food twice a week were more likely to not only be overweight but also develop and insulin disorder linked to diabetes.Junk food does not provide the nutrients your body needs to feed your cells and muscle tissue. It does not have the necessary nutrients that help your body create new, healthy skin cells or collagen to keep your skin strong. Replace junk food with whole foods as much as possible.Try to make the local health food market’s quick foods your fast food. Often you can find healthy salads, sandwiches in wraps or on whole grain breads and fresher vegetables. Pack your lunches and plan your meals for a healthier lifestyle.Try a colon cleanse or body cleanse. A colon cleanse or body cleanse may not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing natural anti-aging methods. However, more holistic health professionals are saying the helping your body cleanse may be key to help your body remove built up waste and toxins that can interfere with metabolism, hormonal balance and even moods.While there is no scientific evidence on this matter, just looking at a healthy detox diet, or colon cleansing diet, you can see why this would work. This type of diet utilizes whole vegetables, whole fruits, organic and unprocessed meats, and whole grains. Nutritional supplements may be used to assist the body’s natural cleansing processes.The entire process is feeding your body the proper nutrition, which most people lack as they get older. And if you read the many testimonials you will see that the general benefits are; more energy, weight loss, and healthier skin; sounds healthy to me.Using some natural anti aging methods in your every day life can help you look and feel younger while slowing the true aging process. Incorporate them into your lifestyle slowly and persistently for results. And always ask your doctor before any changes if you take medications.

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